The mystery of the Bunyip in Australia

22 January, 2015 0 Comments

Drawing of the Buyip 1935

There is a legend in Australia that says that there is a creature that is called Bunyip by the indigenous Australians . This creature inhabits apparently in marshes, swamps and rivers, and devours anyone who dares to enter its territory. You may find yourself with the Bunyip if you are travelling through the Outback, which is the area that is located in the remote interior and semi-arid Australia, so be very careful.

Bunyip means evil spirit in the aboriginal language. It is curious because among the people who have reported an encounter with this Australian daemon cannot find two descriptions that match in terms of appearance. Even in drawings made by aboriginal people can be found different appearances. To say some examples, one drawing as a giant ape, and another as a large bird.

According to the opinion of the zoologists, this creature has its origin in the Palorquestidos, a type of large herbivore that lived in swamps. It is assumed that today are extinct, but it is the only explanation that have been found to reach an identification of the Bunyip.

Legends about the Bunyip has survived for nearly two centuries.People started talking about this mysterious creature back in 1818. In 1847 the Australian press even published news about beings that caused terror, but some claimed that the Bunyip was in reality a highwayman who was hiding in the swamps to not be captured.

So, remember!, if you enter in the most inhospitable of Australia, don’t forget to wear the camera always ready in your hands.

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