Christmas traditions in England

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Xmas lights in London

Christmas in England is really magical and charming, more than in any other time of the year. The Christmas spirit is installed on every corner and the ancient traditions are recovered again, traditions that all love, children and adults.

Among the traditions of this special time we find to send Christmas cards by mail, leaving a little to one side the new technology. On the other hand, the doors, fireplaces and windows of the houses are adorned with wreath and other decorations filled with colour, mainly green, red and white.

The famous mistletoe is one of the highlights of the Christmas season. Mistletoe was sacred to the druids, which they believed she had miraculous powers. With the arrival of other cultures, became a symbol of peace, and when two enemies were under a branch of mistletoe, should surrender their arms and surrender. Today the tradition is to give a kiss to whom you’re under a branch. Therefore the branches of mistletoe is hung on the door frames or placed hanging from the ceiling.

The typical Christmas tree, with its ornaments and lights, nor may be missing. And nor can miss the groups through the streets singing carols and passing by each house.

In the night before the day of Christmas, the children carefully hang their socks in the fireplace for Santa Claus. To thank him for the gifts, they leave you carrot cakes and whisky. Before, during the dinner, the family have eaten roast turkey, chicken or goose, always fill and accompanied with roasted potatoes. Also-beef patties and Christmas pudding flaming with Brandy are common in bustling Christmas tables.

christmas pudding

Once past the day 25, there is another tradition that is celebrated on December 26, St. Stephen’s Day, who is also known as Boxing Day. The story goes that formerly was the day that opened the boxes of alms in the churches and distributed the money to the poor. On the other hand, the servants received gifts and boxes of the heads. Today, this tradition has been transformed into that employers give lots of Christmas products among its employees. Although not often be delivered the day 26, but days before Christmas.

On the other hand, many people take advantage of this day to meet in the field and be with friends and family. Some leverage for shopping with more tranquillity.

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