Tips for long journeys by train

11 November, 2014 0 Comments


For a long trip that includes journeys by train it is important that you follow some basic tips.

The first major tip is to always bring with you the ticket or payment of train, because if you lose you will have to pay for it again. It is also important to have your passport on hand if you are going to cross boundaries in that is required.

If we are talking about the baggage, the more comfortable is to carry a backpack and control the amount of things that are thrown into it. Choose lightweight clothing and includes some warm clothes and closed and comfortable shoes at any time of the year. Prepares the luggage to a maximum of one week and, if you have a chance, take advantage of the opportunity to wash the dirty clothes in a laundry.

Before your trip, remember to check the Internet train timetables to carry with you a planning of travel routes and the stays in the city. You can sleep during the night journeys, and also during the day in long journeys, and thus saves the hotel.

If you are travelling as a couple, double rooms of hotel can be well worth the price because there are enough offer, but if travelling in a group you can opt for hostels and Bed&Breakfast because they usually have rooms with bunk beds and can be much more profitable. Always look for accommodation close to the station because it is more comfortable and the stations are typically central and well communicated.

On the other hand, in many train stations there are in the showers clean that you can wash and change your clothes between travel and travel.

If your plan is maximum economy, in the meals you can follow a range of advice: Eat as much as possible during the breakfast at the hotel, especially if it is buffet, and buy in a supermarket food to eat during the day. At lunch or dinner, always avoid the tourist areas because eating there is worth almost double. A good way to guide you as to the prices of that city, to know if it is expensive or cheap, is that you are looking for the price of a menu of some fast chain that you know it.

Take advantage of the cheap destinations to do some shopping you need for the rest of the trip, such as shoes or warm clothes. And one last tip: Be patient and enjoy every moment!, the experience is worth it.


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