Masoala, natural wonder in Madagascar

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Masoala Park

The Masoala peninsula is bathed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and is located on the northeast of the huge island of Madagascar, in the coast of Southeast Africa. This peninsula is a national park and covers around 2300 km2, occupying almost the entire territory of the peninsula.

In this natural spot live exotic birds, lemurs and a great variety of flora and fauna, and there we can find mangroves, rocky coves and long sandy beaches. And if talking about its coast, you can find coral reefs as well as enjoy the company of dolphins and whales, although you have to be careful as there are also areas in which there are sharks. If you are visiting the Masoala peninsula between July and September you will see many whales there, specifically in the Bay of Antongila, best know as Antongil Bay. During these months are in the process of migration.

Within the limits of the park there are three other marine parks where you can go snorkelling or kayaking, in addition to marvel at the natural life.

Madagascar masoala

Not only you can explore this park, you can also stay in any of its areas of camp, or rent a bungalow or stay in a hotel, the Masoala Forest Lodge. The dry season in Masoala is between September and December and you can only reach the park by boat or on foot, so you should avoid the cyclone season. The average annual temperature is 24ºC.

The trip can last between two and a half to three hours if you come from the people of Maroantsetra, at the northern of the Antongil Bay, or 5 days if you want to go walking.


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