What is Jet Lag?

21 October, 2014 0 Comments


If you have travelled long distances in the same day or night, you know by yourself what is Jet Lag, even though you don’t know that it is called this way. Jet lag, also known as time zone change syndrome, is an imbalance that occurs in fast long-distance journeys and that affect the clock that all we have inside. Basically, our schedule of hours of sleep changes when we travel in a few hours to a place where the time zone is different.

It is a physiological issue but it affects the internal rhythms of the body producing unpleasant feelings such as fatigue, irritability and apathy. It can also produce digestive problems, volatile memory and confusion.

To prevent or at least soften the unpleasant effects of Jet Lag is recommended to rest before the journey, travel relaxed, wear comfortable and baggy clothes, drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration and eat light meals. You must also remember walking by the plane from time to time to stimulate your blood circulation.

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