New Caledonia, a destination in paradise

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New Caledonian

Pacific Ocean is full of beautiful islands and colourful landscapes. It is an area which is far to many, which have to embark on a long flight on an airplane to touch land Australian or New Zealand, to cite specific locations. But it is, therefore, worthwhile when one sees the beauty of this corner of the world.

On this occasion we are going to make a short stop in New Caledonia, an archipelago maintains relations with France although it is not one of their overseas states. Europeans first arrived to New Caledonia from the hand of James Cook, the great explorer, and later landed on the island British and American whalers and slave traders.

It is separated from Australia by 1,200 kilometres of sea and a little more than New Zealand. It consists of one large island and several smaller islands, as well as reefs that surround them. The main island is called Grande Terre and the capital Noumea. Grande Terre is the only one that is mountainous and all enjoy a tropical climate. Its main industry is the nickel ore, which has enormous reserves. Tourism ranks second, primarily because the Australians and New Zealanders often get these islands to enjoy their holiday.

Among its many charms, New Caledonia has the largest lagoon in the planet, which is surrounded by a coral reef. It is the second largest barrier reef of the world, occupying an area of 24 km2, in addition to being the natural habitat of a wide variety of flora and fauna.New Caledonia coast

If you like to spend the vacation in a place with golden sand beaches, transparent and blue sea, sunny skies and shaded by palm trees, New Caledonia is your destination. There you can go scuba diving, snorkelling, kite boarding, riding a jet ski or sailing for whale watching. All this apart from their places with historical legacy, which is also worth visiting.

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