Bunad, traditional costume of Norway

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Bunad is the name of the traditional costume worn by women and men of Norway. But it is more that the costume in itself, Bunad is the definition given to the set of traditional costumes of the regions of the country.

Although the design of many of these costumes comes from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the term Bunad is a word coined during the twentieth century, and includes both the modern costumes as the oldest. It was during the nineteenth century when a movement dedicated to the recovery of the traditional costumes took place in Norway, Germany and Denmark. Thanks to this movement the definition of Bunad emerged.

Old Bunad

The Bunads in various designs that you can see from across the country have in common the use of the embroidery, the scarves, the shawls that cover the shoulders and the ornaments made of silver and gold. Despite being traditional costumes, they are quite expensive due to their materials. Especially the jewellery make them very expensive and they may cost up to thousands of euros. The clothing of a Bunad may require a full year of work, which also adds value to the product.

The tradition in the country is that the parents give their children their own Bunad as a gift for Confirmation. The most common use of the Bunad is given in the popular celebrations, from weddings and regional celebrations, as well as in special occasions such as when they need to wear formal dress.

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