The aurora borealis in Norway

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Aurora Borealis

One of the most beautiful spectacles of nature are the Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights, a display of lights and colours in the upper layers of the atmosphere and that in antiquity were related to the transit of the dead to another world. Today we know the causes of the phenomenon, but this knowledge has not removed anything of its fascinating beauty.

Norway, thanks to its geographical location, is one of the few countries in which you can enjoy this phenomenon because it is given only in latitudes closer to the poles. Its duration may vary between several minutes or just a few seconds.

In ancient times the Norwegian peoples reverence this phenomenon, even turned it into a symbol, as is the case of the Sami, whose shamans adorn their drums with representations of the auroras. The Sami people called these colorful lights as “Guovssahas“, which means “light which is heard”.

The Vikings also gave their own interpretation to this phenomenon. They believed that they were reflections of the frames of the Valkyrie warrior virgins, that glowed with a spectral radiance and mysterious.

Aurora boreal

The cause that gives rise to the Aurora Borealis is the interaction of the particles emitted by the Sun, which, in contact with the atmosphere in the magnetic poles creates the familiar shapes and colours that we can see in the night sky.

To enjoy this unforgettable natural spectacle, the best moments of the year are from September 21 until March 21, and in the last days of the Autumn and Winter (October, February and March), between 18:00 a.m. and 1:00 in the morning. Although the expected to enjoy the sight of the northern lights is worthwhile, not always appear before our eyes.

Northern lights

The best areas of Norway to see them are located within the Arctic Circle, in the north of the country, such as the Lofoten islands, North Cape and Tromsø. Remember that in addition to the camera it is recommended that you’re wearing warm clothes.

By now, and from your home, enjoy this wonderful video:

Photo 1 source: Gunnar Hildonen
Photo 2 source: Elgentscho
Photo 3 source: Mrskyce

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