Tips for travelling to South Africa

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Nelson Mandela Stadium in Port Elizabeth

Since the World Cup in 2010, South Africa has grown as a tourist destination. Previously it was already a known destination, but the fact of having hosted a world event aroused the curiosity about the cities and culture of South Africa.

From little more than a decade ago, South Africa has opened its doors to foreigners and today is a particularly interesting place. However, if you’re going to visit him, it is recommended that you continue a few tips to make your trip much more enjoyable:

– The most important thing is that you follow the treatment of the recommended vaccinations and remember that, once there, not never swim in areas of stagnant water to avoid the risk of bilharzia (disease of warm, humid climates). You can see the vaccines that are recommended for this trip in

– It is recommended that you always travel with a health insurance. You can also ask the way to request help in case of health require some assistance when you arrive at the hotel.

– Travellers members of the European Community do not require a visa to enter South Africa, simply must have a valid passport. But if you’re going to be staying in the country for a long time, you’ll need a visa to certify the time you’ll be within its territory.

– In terms of climate, in South Africa you will find different climatic zones. The south of the country is temperate, the north has a continental climate and this has a subtropical climate type. The average temperatures range between 22 and 32 degrees in summer and 12 and 22 in winter, although the humidity makes has a stronger sense of cold or heat. Rains especially during the entire year in the east and are gradually disappearing as we get closer to the west of the country.

– The official currency in South Africa is the Rand. Currently a Euro is equivalent to a little more than fourteen Rands and one Dollar are about ten Rands. It is best to make the currency exchange at banks and hotels, it is cheaper to change the currency at the airport. On the other hand, you can pay with credit card in shops and restaurants.

– If you want to hire a car to get around the country you need to know that in South Africa driving is on the left, as in the United Kingdom. Tries to be very attentive while driving and little by little become easier.

Finally, it’s desirable that you are always very cautious, especially if you are away from your accommodation for the night. If you want to know the night life of South Africa‘s cities is the best move in taxi. During the day you can take a gentle stroll in the tourist areas, always avoiding as far as possible the most isolated places.

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