Travelling to San Sebastian from London

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San Sebastian

San Sebastian is becoming an increasingly fashionable destination for English holidaymakers. Recent appearances in several media outlets have lead to a rise in English visitors to this small city in northern Spain.

How to get to San Sebastian

The easiest and most convenient way to get to San Sebastian is to fly from London to Bilbao. From Bilbao airport, there is a reasonably straightforward bus connection to San Sebastian. The company which runs this route is called PESA, and provides an hourly bus service between Bilbao airport and the centre of San Sebastian. San Sebastian’s own airport is very small and outside of the summer season there are no international flights.

If you decide to visit San Sebastian, the first thing to do is to find yourself a good guide to the city. is a great online guide which will fill you in on all you need to know about the city’s main attractions.

Once you know what there is to see, you should look for accommodation in a good location, close to the city centre. The city is relatively small and good central base will save you a lot of time during your holiday. San Sebastian has some great hotels, but you should be aware that they don’t come cheap. The city has a reputation for being noticeably more expensive than other cities in Spain, although in reality prices aren’t exorbitant.

Essential things to see and do include the beaches, especially the most famous, La Concha beach; the two hills, Monte Igueldo and Monte Urgell; the Miramar Palace and the city’s Parte Vieja, or Old Town, whose famous pintxos bars are a must.

If you’re travelling with children, don’t miss out on a trip to the city aquarium, one of the biggest in Spain. At the top of Monte Igueldo, there is also a fairground which is sure to be popular with the smallest members of the family. This old fashioned funfair is small but very quaint.

San Sebastian does get its fair share of rain. The weather is not always great, especially in winter, but there is always something to do on a wet day. If the weather is bad, you can visit museums such as the San Telmo and the Science Museum, which has fun interactive exhibits for the kids.

So, if you’re planning  a getaway to Spain and have yet to discover San Sebastian, why not pay this beautiful northern city a visit. We’re sure you’ll love it.

Photo Source:  Nigel’s Europe & beyond

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