Craco, a ghost town in Italy

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Craco is an old village located in the Province of Matera in Italy. Known as Graculum in Ancient Rome, its more than two thousand years of history are still recorded on their stones.

At the beginning, Craco was born as a small village of farmers. With the passing of the years the small city managed prosperity for its inhabitants, and in the tenth century, the monks living there pushed its economic progress. The city grew, was developed and kept alive until the twentieth century.

But in 1963 an earthquake moved its pillars. The clayey soil not resisted and the old houses collapsed. Looking for a solution, its inhabitants constructed a wall but were only worsen the situation. The rainwater was accumulating after the wall and the ground became a big puddle of mud.

The desolate inhabitants began to leave while the city crumbled up to die. Since 1975 this medieval village is completely abandoned.


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