Legoland Billund, fun for the whole family

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Miniland in Legoland Billund

The Legoland park in Billund was built by the Kristiansen family, of Danish origin, in 1932 with 58 million pieces of the famous game “Lego”. The Lego company, which was born as a small carpentry workshop, is today one of the most important toy factories of the world.

The term “Lego” comes from the Danish words “leg godt”, which means “play well”.

Legoland Billund is one of the Legoland parks in the world; the other parks are in England, Germany, United States and Malaysia. One of its main attractions is Miniland, with miniature reproductions of the most famous sites and monuments in Europe. But what Children want is o visit Duploland and travel around the park in a small train built with Lego pieces.

Other attractions in this park Legoland are the Castle of the King and the roller coaster car racing in the jungle, or the searching of the treasure in a mysterious temple. In total, more than fifty attractions for the whole family.

If you are planning to visit the park several times a year, you can buy passes for the entire season. You can also take advantage of discounts for families, children 3 to 12 years old and people over 65. If you purchase the entry of the day and you pay an extra, you can return the next day.

In the Legoland Billund you can also find places to stay. The Legoland Hotel, for example, is a modern four star hotel that has brightly decorated guest-rooms. You can also stay in cottages in the Legoland Village.

Legoland Village

The direction of Legoland Billund is Nordmarksvej 9, Billund, Jutland, in the west of Denmark. The park is very well connected by road with all the cities of Denmark, as it is located in the centre of the peninsula, and also with other neighbouring countries through the road E45.

If you are interested in visiting it, you can find more information at Legoland Billund.

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