The “House of the deaths” in Salamanca

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In the Spanish city of Salamanca, in the “Calle de los Bordadores“, there is a house that was built in the early sixteenth century. It was built by the architect Juan de Alava. Its facade, in the plateresque style, is one of the most beautiful of Salamanca. On the balcony there is a bust of the archbishop don Alfonso Fonseca.

But in the facade of this building there is something more… there, you can see four skulls carved in stone. Apparently, this house is known as “house of the deaths” for this reason.

But more terrifying facts have happened behind the facade of the building, as what happened at the beginning of the nineteenth century when four members of the same family, who lived in the house, were killed. There are people who assure that after that tragic event this house began to be known that way. And it wasn’t the only tragic death occurred in this old building, because in May 1835 the owner of the house was found dead in the yard.

Subsequently, the house was uninhabited for almost the entire nineteenth century. Nobody wanted to buy the house or to live in it.

House of the deaths

The “House of the deaths” of Salamanca was declared Historical Heritage in 1984.

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