Pingyao, old walled Chinese city

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The old city of Pingyao is widely protected because as a treasure of the architecture of ancient China. It is located in the south of the city of Taiyuan, capital of the Shanxi province, and its construction dates from the Zhou Dynasty of the West. Later, it was expanded by the Ming Dynasty to increase its defensive ability.

The most important places of Pingyao are the wall that protects the city, the Shuanglin Temple and the Zhengguo Temple.

The walls of Pingyao, which were built with compacted soil covered with stones and bricks, have six kilometres long, twelve meters high and three to six meters wide. In these walls there are six gates to enter the city: one in the north, another in the south, two in the west and two in the east.

View the city from the sky you can see that it was built in the shape of a turtle. The turtle was considered the symbol of longevity in the ancient Chinese tradition, so maybe its founders thought that it would last forever.

Pingyao visit

The ancient city of Pingyao has also to admire 72 watchtowers and battlements 3,000 external. It is believed that the towers represent 72 wise men and the battlements represent 3000 followers of Confucius.

You can reach the city of Pingyao from Taiyuan in any of its frequent buses. It is a small town so you can visit in a day only and, fortunately for those who want to enjoy these architectural wonders, the walls, temples, streets and buildings in general are kept in good condition.

Photos Source: Alvaro Verdoy

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