Helgoland, the red island

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In your trip by German lands, you can visit a charming island: Helgoland. Helgoland is a small island with a triangular shape that measures only 2 kilometres in length. It is known as “red island” because of the color of the cliffs. They are in fact two islands, but only one of them is inhabited, the other is too small, so when we are talking about Helgoland, we are talking about two islands as a unit.

In this place live less than two thousand inhabitants who, by the way, are prohibited from driving in car on the island.

Helgoland is located seventy miles off the coast of Germany, in the North Sea. During its history it has belonged to different countries such as Denmark and the United Kingdom. It is part of Germany since 1890.

Helgoland has also been naval base in times of war and it was destroyed during the Second World War. After the destruction the buildings had to be rebuilt. Today is a quiet place to vacation, and its inhabitants speak german and a variety of the Frisian language.

In Helgoland are held numerous cultural events such as concerts and theatre performances, and if you enjoy walking and outdoor activities, here you can find a true paradise where there is a lot to do and enjoy. The best time to go to Helgoland is between April and October.

Helgoland beach

How to reach Helgoland 

– You can reach by ferry from the ports of Büsum, Cuxhaven and Wilhelmshaven, and also from the ports of Hamburg and Wedel. There is also a boat to the island of Helgoland from Bremen.

– If you prefer arriving by plane, you can do so from Büsum, Bremerhaven or Hamburg.

Photos source: www.nordseetourismus.de

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