Angouleme and its murals

15 February, 2013 0 Comments

Angouleme Murals

Today we visited Angouleme, a city in the south of Poitiers, in the French region of Poitou-Charentes, famous, among other things, because of their close relationship with the world of the comic. The comic book characters that have made it famous can be seen in its streets, portrayed in painted murals in various areas of the city.

Angouleme celebrates each year the Festival of Comic more famous in Europe since 1998. That year the city was opened to the comic artists. The success of the initiative was so great that became annual tradition.

In total, during your journey through the streets of Angouleme you can admire a total of 20 murals. Some are more impressive than others, and some are more recognizable than others, but seeing them all is interesting, as well as to know the city itself, its monuments and its places to walk.

So now you know, important characters of the French comic as Titeuf, Lucky Luke or the Red Baron are waiting for you in Angouleme.

Gaston et Prunelle

Gaston et Prunelle

Gaston is one of the most well-known French characters. As you can see in this mural the drawing is part of the wall and looks like real windows.

La fille des Remparts

La fille des Remparts

As part of the medieval city wall, the author of this mural painted the rest of the wall, the surrounding houses and to a woman who has become well known in Angouleme. This is one of the most photographed places in Angouleme.

Memories du xxeme ciel

 Mèmoires du XXème Ciel

The author of this beautiful mural is Yslaire and he painted it in 1999. With this work, the artist tried to translate a history of memories locked in the memory, memories that are looking for to confirm that life has been lived.

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