MUSA, underwater museum in Cancun

7 February, 2013 0 Comments

Sculpture in underwater Museum Cancun

Today we are going to visit the underwater museum of art that is located on the coast of Cancun, in Mexico. In this peculiar museum we can admire more than 400 sculptures of local and international artists that will fascinate us. It is known as MUSA. It is known as MUSA.

The promoter of this underwater Museum is Jason of Caires Taylor and today his work is considered as the largest collection of underwater sculptures of the world. Two years were necessary for opening this museum to the public.

The sculptures chosen by Jason of Caires are part of the collection called “Silent Evolution“, with which it has wanted to make a historical review from the era of the Maya to the latest revolutions.

As you can imagine, to visit it you need to dive among the sculptures, although there is also the possibility of seeing it from boats that have the glass floor. It is not the same, but there is that possibility at least. The sculptures have been anchored at a depth of 10 meters.

Sculpture in underwater Museum Mexico

The underwater museum of Cancun was born to increase tourism in the area, but also for the conservation of the marine environment thanks to the placement of artificial reefs. For this reason, the sculptures have been sculpted in eco-friendly materials, durable and resistant, which are suitable for the growth of coral and other marine organisms. Although the fact that more than 750,000 visitors each year does not help in this second purpose.

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