Sleeping in a can of beer in Denmark

5 February, 2013 0 Comments

Can Sleep in Smukfest

If you like to discover interesting places to spend the night, you’re going to love this ones. If you’re in Skanderborg, Denmark, this summer and you want to enjoy the Smukfest, famous music festival, you can choose to sleep in a can of beer, do you like the idea?.

As in other major festivals, the best way to enjoy an event of this type is to stay within the own fairground. It is really enough to reserve a tent, but if it is a funny tent , the stay will be a lot more fun too. And that is the idea that the organizers of the Smukfest pursue, the fact of surprise and entertain those who attend the festival and they also want to live it day and night.

In 2011 there were over 140 giant cans of beer to stay, are known as Can Sleep, but in this year 2013 is not confirmed their availability. The cans are 4 meters in height, are divided into two floors and are furnished by the company Ikea. On the inside of the cans there is a sitting room with a minibar and a round bed.

Smukfest Can Sleep

If you are interested, you’ll have to wait a bit to confirm whether they will be available in this 2013 for those attending the Smukfest.

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