Moscow Kremlin, a city between walls

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Annunciation Cathedral

The Moscow Kremlin is composed of religious and civil buildings that are surrounded by a wall and is located in the centre of the city, near the Moskva river and the Red Square.

The origins of the Moscow Kremlin dating back to the twelfth century, when the territory known today as Moscow was inhabited by a community mostly Slavic during the old Russian state or Kievan Rus. By mid-century the wall that later became an important defensive element began to rise. At the end of XII century a fort had been built. This strong housed the city, which was very small by then.

In the fourteenth century, Moscow became the capital of the region and the Kremlin becomes an important place. In that time the new wall of white stone, the famous cathedrals of the Assumption and San Miguel, the Church of Our Savior and the bell tower of St Ivan there were built.

Since then, the Moscow Kremlin became not only a fortress but also a cultural space, with a exquisite architecture typical of the Russian style. During later centuries arose new monuments that are emblematic of the place today, as the Cathedral of the Annunciation and the Cathedral of the archangel Michael, as well as the cemetery of the royalty muscovite.

In the nineteenth century, after the capital was moved to St. Petersburg, the Grand Kremlin Palace was built.

When the capital back to Moscow, in the twentieth century, the restoration work restarted. The Kremlin is declared a World Heritage Site by the end of the century. For this reason, the State Museum of History and Culture of the Kremlin is founded in 1991. This museum is housed in several of the buildings of the fortress.

Visiting this architectural complex is an unforgettable experience, both by the magnitude and the beauty of its facades and interiors, and also by the hundreds of years of history that holds within its walls.

Let’s now talk about some of its major monuments:

The State Palace of the Kremlin, the most modern building, was built in glass and cement during the twentieth century. The representations of the ballet company of the Kremlin are currently represented in this important palace.

The Cathedral square, the first great public space of the city, receives its name from the Cathedral of the Assumption, which is a cathedral of the orthodox church and the oldest and largest of the Kremlin.

The Ivan The Great bell Tower is situated in the heart of the square, dominating the entire fortress. It is made of white stone and reaches a height of more than eight meters.

The Arsenal, located on a hill, was built by Peter the Great to save the weapons of the army. At present, it is the main headquarters of the Guard of the Kremlin.

To visit the Kremlin is necessary to buy tickets. There is a locker to each side of the tower and another at the Alexandrovsky garden.

There are two types of tickets:

– The ticket that allows you to visit the most important places costs about 350 rubles and the ticket that allows you to visit the Kremlin Armoury costs 700 rubles.

– It’s important not to forget that doors will be closed at 17.30h.

Photo Source: Annunciation Cathedral, Kremlin, by Adam Jones.

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