The 27 crosses of the Old Town of Prague

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Old Town Prague

The city of Prague has witnessed a large number of stories which have given rise to its monuments.

If there is a place in the City of Hundred Towers with a multitude of stories is without doubt the area known as Old Town. In the Old City of Prague, you can travel to another time just getting into its huge square. This square hides a tragic past.

Day 8 of November 1620, in the beginning of the War of 30 years. The army of the emperor Ferdinand II of Habsburg struggle against an army of 20,000 protestant Czechs and mercenaries led by Cristian I of Anhalt, councillor of Frederick IV, King of Bohemia. This battle takes place near the urban core, in Bila Hour. After the victory of Fernando II is imposed the sovereignty of the Habsburgs again.

Day 12 June 1621. In this tragic day, 27 Czech noblemen who had fought against Fernando II were executed in the Old Town square. After the cruel execution, 12 of the heads of the dead were exposed to the people in iron baskets placed at the top of the tower bridge, six of them looked at the Old Town and the other ones to Mala Strana. And the heads of the dead remained this way for almost 10 years. After ten years were finally removed and buried with the bodies.

Crosses in Prague

Today, on the floor of the square, you can see 27 white crosses. A legend says that the night of June 21 of each year the spirits of these poor Czechs roam in the large square of the Old Town of Prague.

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