Looking for mythical monsters for sightseeing

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Loch Ness

There are some places in this world in which, according to ancient stories, live or have lived monsters that have become legendary.

– The Amazon river.

A legend tells that the dolphins that swim by the Amazon river have the power to take the form of men who are looking for women to carry them down to the depths. These women never reappear, and if they return to their homes they come back with a child in their arms after a long period of time.

On the other hand, the forests that extend along the Amazon River are full of life. In these jungles living piranhas, anacondas and bats that feed on human blood. At least that is what legends say …

– The Congo river basin.

The dinosaurs have not disappeared at all, some of them still live in the swamps of Central Africa. Locals say that Mokele-Mbembe lives there and that it is very similar in size to the Brontosaurus. Mokele-Mbembe shares habitat with crocodiles, elephants, gazelles, giraffes and hippos, which will serve him as food.

Joseph Conrad wrote in his book The Heart of Darkness that the Congo is surrounded by forests and savannahs and that there is the Door of the hell where there are a very dangerous rapids. He claimed that he had seen Mokele-Mbembe attacking some boats. Truth or excess of imagination?

– The Himalayan Mountains.

You’ve probably heard of the abominable Snowman, or Yeti, once at least in your life. He doesn’t like to be seen and he has a very

Many expeditions have searched for this mysterious man in the Himalayas, but the evidences founded are few and are not confirmed as evidentiary. You can even find some of these tests in Buddhist monasteries.

– Ingolstadt, Germany.

The inhabitants of this small German region cannto forget the day Frankenstein came to life. This mythical monster was built with parts of dead bodies stolen from tombs.

Today Ingolstadt is best known for its beer, but they remain attentive, awaiting the day when Frankie back.

– The Loch Ness, Scotland.

Nessie, the most famous of the marine monsters, is sought in the Loch Ness from the year 565 B.C.. This lake, worthy of any legend of King Arthur, protects the also famous Urquhart Castle.

If you visit this lake, don’t forget to take your camera always ready…

– Visayas, Philippines.

Manananggal is a woman with wings and is able to separate his body into two. Each night she observes the unborn in the womb of their mothers to find the way to suck their hearts. The inhabitants of Visayas believe that the things that can move her away are garlic or spray of ash, in order to maintain its body in one piece. She is a vampire woman (she sucks the blood of the people who is sleeping too), so she cannot bear the light of the sun.

Visayas is a group of islands that is well worth to visit … especially when the sun is shining on them.

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