Blickling Hall and the ghost of Anne Boleyn

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Blickling Hall

In the english county of Norfolk you can visit the residence, whose name is Blickling Hall, of the Boleyn family, known in history by Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII. It isn’t known if Anne was born in this house, only that the family lived here between 1499 and 1505.

The residence that currently can be visited was built under the reign of James I, on the former property of the Boleyn family. The house and gardens were built between 1616 and 1627. The old medieval-style house was demolished and the new residence was built on the foundations.

Centuries later, this manor house suffered the consequences of the Second World War and served as command headquarters for the officers of the Royal Air Force. In 1940 the house and the adjacent lands were declared parts of the National Trust.

This elegant residence is famous for its long gallery, its important library and its large collection of furniture and antique tapestries. In addition, this House has the most beautiful gardens in the whole country, which are always filled with colour, with flowers everywhere, shrubs, trees and even a lake. Today, during the summer months especially, is headquarters for meetings and outdoor concerts.

On the other hand, part of its interior can be covered and you can visit its important library. In this library is saved one of the most extensive collections of manuscripts and old books in the whole of England.

And if you like the stories of ghosts, you will be happy to hear that Blinking hall was voted as the “most haunted house in Great Britain” in 2007. Apparently, the spectre of the father of Anne Boleyn, cursed by having done nothing to save the life of his daughter, is presented in the house each year and, from there, his tormented soul traverses the twelve bridges that there is course to Aylsham, Burgh, Buxton, Coltishall, Meyton, Oxnead and Wroxha.

There are also those who said they saw the ghost without head of Anne Boleyn, which appears on the anniversary of his execution in a car driven by a horseman and four horses also without head.

If you want to visit Blinking Hall, here are a few useful data:

– Address: Blicking Hall, Blicking, Aylsham, Norfolk, NR11 6NF, 1 km from the centre of Aylsham.

– It is open throughout the year.

Photo Source: Mira66

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