A day in Marrakech

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Marrakech is a place with a special magic. If you have at least a day to spend in this city, take advantage of the opportunity. Here are some recommendations of what you can visit if you’re short on time during your stay in Marrakech.

The Bahia Palace is the architectural work with greater relevance of Marrakesh. When the vizier Si Moussa decided to build this palace, at the end of the nineteenth century, he wanted to made the most impressive palace of the world. The palace occupies 8 acres, has 150 rooms, inner courtyards and gardens, and an area that was used as harem of Abu Bou Ahmed, who was the vizier after Si Moussa. In the visit to this palace, don’t forget look at their doors, fireplaces, fountains, and also in the exotic vegetation in the gardens of the rooms, which, on the other hand, are much larger than that served as ballrooms. You’ll be impressed!

After the visit to the palace we recommend you to visit what remains of the Badi Palace, which is also very close to the Bahia Palace. This second palace is in ruins (well-preserved ruins), but even so you can get an idea of the magnificence of this palace that once served as a centre of receptions and parties.

Badi Palace

This palace had 300 luxurious guest rooms decorated in gold, glass, precious stones and all kinds of luxuries. But when the sultan Moulay Ismail decided that Meknes had to be the capital of Morocco, this palace was completely looted.

After the visit to these two palaces, you can give you a break and go to the souk to buy souvenirs. The colours of the souk will surprise you and there you can find rugs, lamps, glasses, clothing, varied types of incense and much more. The shops of the souk tend to be small but are filled with a peculiar charm. Although some salesman tend to be very insistent, the atmosphere is fun in general. But remember, if you negotiate a price with any of them and you get a deal, don’t leave without buying.

If you want to eat or drink something, you can make a stop at any of the terraces surrounding the plaza. From there you can observe to the street vendors and to the snake charmers.

From there, you can also hear the prayers from the mosques. From there you can also attend, from a respectful distance, to the daily prayers, and at the time in which the faithful come together in small groups to the mosques, their shoes are removed and they go in to pray.

In conclusion, a quiet day but intense, full of colour, essences and unforgettable emotions gifted by a culture that is well worth discovering.

Photo 2 Source: Badi Palace

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