Quinta da Regaleira, mysterious place in Sintra

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Quinta da Regaleira

A shiver runs through the body of the visitor that crosses the entrance gate to “Quinta da Regaleira“. Its troubling architecture (where emphasizes mainly the Manueline style), which is a huge garden and the mysterious caves that connect everything, help the invited him to visit a time full of enigmas. The history of this place is confusing. Its origins have been lost between files.

Quinta da Regaleira” is, without doubt, one of the most impressive architectural mysteries of this area of Portugal. Located in the beautiful Sintra, this place has had many owners, among them Antonio Augusto de Carvalho, responsible in great part of what it is today.

Antonio Augusto de Carvalho is in itself a genuine mystery. After inheriting a lot of money for his family of Brazil, he decided to acquire this property. Officially, this money came from the coffee business, although many other sources suggest that was obtained through the slave trade. Passionate of the esoteric world, Antonio Augusto de Carvalho felt a obsessive attraction by the ancient masonic and Templar orders. These hobbies were reflected in the projects commissioned by the Italian architect and painter Luigi Mannini.

When you arrive to “Quinta da Regaleira” you start exploring the main building. A beautiful house full of hidden corners and a maze of doors are waiting for you. In spite of the fact that there is little furniture in its interior, you may feel claustrophobic.

In the garden, you can visit the grottos, which are connected to each other. Unfortunately, not all the caves are open to the public. It is said that, in the past, strange chants was usually heard at night through these caves.

Among the more prominent places is the Chapel of the Holy Trinity in that, buried under the altar, is located a mysterious crypt with access to a cave that leads to the main garden.

You’ll also feel fascinated by the “Initiatory pit“, an enigmatic place that simulates a abyss wrapped by 9 circles that make reference to the 9 circles of Hell, the 9 sections of the purgatory or the 9 skies of Paradise (according to Dante). In this place, the references to the Templars and Masons are frequent and are linked to large crosses of the Order of Christ.

Quinta da Regaleira” is a place that, without a doubt, never leave you indifferent, if you have the courage to visit it.

Photo Source: Miriam Martí Gamero

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