Christmas breads of the world

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All we know that the pastries and cakes that are made at Christmas are very tasty but, do you know the typical kind of Christmas breads of every place in the world where it is celebrated?… Today, I want to get closer to some of them.

– Let us look first to Greece to discover the “Christopsomo“, that means “the bread of Christ”, which is an essential part of the Greek Orthodox Christmas. The elaboration of this bread is almost a sacred ritual. It is prepared with pinenuts, red wine, anise and multitude of dried fruits. The bread is decorated with strips of dough forming a cross, and at each end are placed cherries or walnuts.

– In the Christmas in Finland is served the traditional joululimppu, a bread flavored with anise, fennel, orange, molasses and rye. It is always placed in a dish in the center of the table and the guests pass and eat with a fork.

– In Denmark, typical in this festive season is to eat the tasty “Julekage“, a white bread made with large pieces of fruit. This Danish bread can be take very cold or toasted with butter. It is accompanied with cardamom, but can also be flavored with cinnamon or nutmeg.

– Another typical bread of Christmas in the world is the “Kalach” (known in Ukrainian as “Kolach”), which is served in countries such as Ukraine, Bulgaria and Russia. Its name comes from the word “kolo”, which means circle, due to the shape of a ring that has the bread, although it can also appear in the form of two twisted rings. It is covers sometimes with poppy seeds.



– Now let’s talk to France … It is said that the queen Marie Antoinette brought to France the recipe for “Kugelhopf” from Austria, although this dessert can also be found in Germany, Hungary and Poland. The “Kugelhopf” is prepared with a mass of brioche, which is bathed in the same oven in which it was cooked with a varnish of rum. You can also make salty and flavored with ham or bacon.

– A bread named “Laufrabaud” is the typical Christmas bread in Iceland. It is completely flat, like a pancake and its paste is very dense and is made with rye and wheat. To prepare it is fried in lard, and is usually buy once fried. Flea markets in the traditional Icelandic is very common to see children selling this sweet.

– “Pannetone” is a typical milanese bread, whose origin goes back to the ancient roman times. It is believed that it was invented by a baker named Toni, hence its name. It is served sliced vertical and has a fruity flavor.

– And to finish by today we recommend the “Stollen“, a german dessert whose origin dates back to Dresden in 1474.



The “Stollen” takes the form of large oval bent in two unequal halves. Sometimes it is filled with marzipan, flavored with cardamom, citrus fruit and dried fruit. Since 1994, the Stollenfest of Dresden is one of the most prominent festivals of Christmas in Germany. During the festival makes a huge “Stollen” and then is divided and sold for charitable purposes.

Photo 1 source: Christopsomo
Photo 2 source: Kalach
Photo 3 source: Stollen

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