Tour of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands

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Amsterdam is one of the most modern cities of Europe and cosmopolitan, so today we invite you to a quick tour that part of the central station, an emblematic building in the city which is just 10 minutes from the city center.

Amsterdam is divided basically into seven zones, and if you see a map of the city you will see that everything is organized in concentric rings and that neighborhoods are separated from each other by the channels that run through them.

The Downtown Area:

When you leave the station, walk along the wide avenue you will find in front of where you are and that is going in a direction perpendicular. This avenue will take you up to the Dam square, the heart of Amsterdam. Is an area full of fast-food restaurants, bars and shops, and it is also an area of good prices, so it is a good place for a drink.

In the Dam square you will find the first monuments to see: the Royal Palace and the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk). Nearby is also the Church of San Nicolas, and just in the same plaza Damm the famous Madame Tussauds Museum. Here you will find the street Kalverstraat, the most commercial of the Dutch capital, where is also the Museum of the History of Amsterdam and the Beginhof.

The West Area:

This area is on the right side of the central station if you leave it by the main door. You’ll arrive at the well known Jordaan district, where you can walk between channels while watching the multiple forms and inclinations of the houses in the area.

The channels of the Prinsengracht and the Herengracht delimit the neighborhood. Here you can admire, among other treasures, the Old Church, the Westerkerk and the Anne Frank House.

The Center Area:

The center area is actually a zone of step toward the theater district. The main artery of this zone is the plaza Leidsesplein. Here you can visit the famous flower market.

The South Area:

This area is the one that contains the neighborhood of the Museums. The atmosphere here is very different from the rest of the city; everything is more quiet, and there is more green areas.

Here you can visit, among others, the Rikjsmuseum (national museum) and the Van Gogh museum. Close by is the Vondelpark, a wonderful huge park in which you can spend the whole day. It is a beautiful place thanks to its bridges, lakes, fountains and many flowers which is adorned with.

The East Area:

In this area you can visit the Rembrandtplein, a plaza that is brilliant in the evenings. The most photographed bridge throughout Amsterdam is here: the Magere Bruck, which is over the river Amstel.


The farthest area is known as Plantage. My recommendation is that, except that you want to go to visit the Botanical park,, the Planetarium or the Zoo, you do not move until there. There is not much more to visit.

Oude Zijde:

The Oude Zijde is the last of the rings of Amsterdam, and is also the most popular and well known in the world. Here is located the famous Red Light District.

I recommend that you visit at night, when the only light is the red that shines in the doors and windows of the houses that are involved in prostitution. You will see also a succession of shop windows where the girls show their charms after the crystals.

As you can see, Amsterdam is an interesting and fascinating city full of corners to discover and enjoy.

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