Christmas in China

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Christmas in China

In China, only 1% of the population is Christian, so the Chinese people in general really know very little about Christmas: the reasons for celebrating and the origin of the traditions that accompany it. For this reason, Christmas is only noted in the most important cities in the country such as Beijing, Macau, Hong Kong or Shanghai.

It is no coincidence that these are the cities in which more foreigners live, They are the most frequently visited by the tourism too. In these four cities you can find Christmas trees, lights and figures of Santa Claus, or Sheng Dan Lao Ren (that is what they call Santa Claus by here). This character even has her own space in the main shops where children can go to take pictures, as we see in America and in Europe.

But in China this tradition is more a habit picturesque than anything else. Christmas moves a lot of money and that is the main reason for Christmas has a presence in all the stores of the most popular cities for tourism. In the homes everything is different because not many people have Christmas tree and celebrate it. If they have one in general is made of plastic and is adorned with garlands, flowers and paper lanterns, but not much more.

However, in the homes in which there is atmosphere of Christmas, children hang their stockings waiting for gifts. Some people sing Christmas carols without understanding and without knowing the history of Christmas, being the most popular Jingle Bells. The December 25 is not a feast day in China, except in Hong Kong and Macau.

As a curiosity, and despite all of the above, look carefully and you’ll see that the vast majority of the Christmas decorations are made in China.

Don’t miss this video about Christmas in the streets of Shanghai.

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