Discovering the pyramids of Giza

25 October, 2012 1 Comment

Giza Pyramids

About 20 kilometres away to the south-west of the capital of Egypt, Cairo, and forming part of the metropolitan area of this city, is the city of Giza.

But Giza is famous throughout the world not by their location, but by its archaeological site, located in the Giza Plateau. The famous pyramids belonging to the dynasty IV, and that were erected about 4,600 years ago, are located in this plateau. Each one of them has its own name, a name that also serves to denominate the necropolis is around: Khufu (or Cheops, greek name) (during the government of Cheops Giza lived its moment of maximum splendour), Khafre (or Chefren) and Menkaure. In addition to this, Giza is also in the Large Necropolis of Memphis, a sacred place of 40 kilometres of extension.

On the other hand, in Giza there are another type of graves, as the mastabas or hypogea, home to other members of the family of the Pharaoh, as well as to priests and dignitaries. As you can imagine, these tombs and pyramids were part of large funerary complex in which there were temples, pyramids and tombs less important. For example, the Queen’s pyramids, which are located to the east of the Keops, saved the remains of Queen Hetepheres I, the mother of Cheops, and their wives Queen Meritites I (his first wife) and Queen Henutsen ( his second wife).

Do you want to know some interesting facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza?

To start I can tell you that it is the largest pyramid of all those known in Egypt, and that it is also the oldest of those there are on the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. In addition, it is the only preserved today. The architect who built it was called Hemiunu, and he did so, as we all know, by order of Cheops, Pharaoh of the Fourth dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Measured by the British egyptologist Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie at the beginning of the twentieth century, today we know that the original height was 146.61 meters and that its current height is 136.86 meters. The Great Pyramid was considered as the world’s tallest building until, in the fourteenth century, was built the Cathedral of Lincoln, in England, which exceeded the height of the pyramid. It has also been the highest building stone of the planet until the nineteenth century, when he was defeated by the needle of the Church of St. Nikolai, located in the German city of Hamburg.


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