Copacabana, paradise in Rio de Janeiro

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Copacabana Beach

One of the most popular resorts of Rio de Janeiro is Copacabana, with its promenade and its beach in the form of semicircle of four kilometres in length. Copacabana belongs in part to the neighbourhood of Copacabana and in part to the neighbourhood of Leme.

The beach of Copacabana, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, extending from the Copacabana Fort up to a cliff of solid rock called Morro do Leme (Leme hill). Behind the Morro do Leme is located the famous Sugar Loaf and in the other side of the fort the even most well-known Ipanema beach.

In this peculiar environment is held, for example, the feast of Yemanja in honour of the Yoruba divinities on the last day of the year. Yemanja, queen of the waters and siren of the sea, is the daughter of Olokum, goddess of the sea. His clothes are covered with pearls and its colours are blue, pale pink, light green and white. According to the regions, the feast of Yemanja is held on December 31 or February 2, and to honour the goddess are offered flowers, especially white roses, and other objects that are thrown out into the sea. It is a feast of great mysticism and at the same time a very picturesque and fascinating, and that is why it attracts equal to residents that to visitors.

Jemanja in Copacabana

Bordering the Copacabana beach we find the promenade, with its characteristic pavement decorated with drawings in the form of waves that produce an interesting optical effect. Along the promenade and the beach is the Atlantica Avenue, guarded by rows of buildings.

On Atlantic Avenue you will find, apart from the lanes for cars, a pedestrian promenade shaded by palm trees and a lane for bicycles.

Along the pedestrian zone are usually installed craft fairs and paintings, usually to the fall of the sun, and at night there is a great animation in its numerous restaurants. If you have a chance, sit in one that has the open-air tables and eat while playing in the background a samba or bossa nova.

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