List of airports in New York

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Jfk Airport

Considered as the gateway to the United States, New York City has three major airports and some more small in nearby towns. The vast majority of the flights that arrive here are international, but also receives domestic flights, and also it is often scale in the middle of the long journey to another place.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport.

The John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport (IATA code: JFK) is the most important of the city, and in fact is the greatest amount of flights and passengers receives throughout the year. In addition, is the one who receives more international flights.

This airport is located on Long Island, in Jamaica Bay, about 20 kilometres from Manhattan. This airport is located on Long Island, in Jamaica Bay, and has nine terminals for passengers, so I would recommend walking with much attention if you are not accustomed to larger airports. Of course it has many security controls and from its doors we can turn to any part of the city in taxi, limousine, micro, metro or by car. By the way, the latter is the least recommended option of all.

– LaGuardia Airport.

Tribute to a former mayor of New York, Fiorello LaGuardia, this airport (IATA code: LGA) has the particularity of being mostly for domestic flights, unless you come from Canada or Bahamas. It is a pity that no landing here more international flights as it is just thirteen kilometres from the centre of Manhattan, opposite in Flushing Meadows.. In fact, in its facilities do not have customs or immigration services.

From this airport, means of transport are the same as from the Kennedy airport, although rates vary. In the case you need any information, head over to the Ground Transportation Desk.

Liberty International Airport in Newark.

Always known as Newark Airport (IATA code: EWR), after the 2001 attacks, the authorities decided to highlight the name of “Liberty” as a form of tribute to the victims.

It is the airport that is located furthest away from the city of New York, and therefore get from there to Manhattan is quite expensive.

As an advantage, it is much quieter than the JFK and has the services and facilities more modern, with its three terminals of travellers. In addition, here is recorded which is the longest flight of the world: from here to Singapore takes 18 hours.

* Other nearby airports to New York.

Teterboro Airport: 15 kilometres

Airport of Westchester County: 43 kilometres

Islip Airport: 65 kilometres

Airport in Newburgh: 86 kilometres

Airport in New Haven: 108 kilometres

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