Dubrovnik, the shining Pearl of the Adriatic

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Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities on the Croatian coast, and also, thanks to its beauty and everything it offers to the tourist, is one of the most attractive destinations of the Mediterranean. George Bernard Shaw baptised Dubrovnik as the “pearl of the Adriatic”.

The streets of gleaming marble of this Croatian city are lined with baroque style buildings sprinkled by the Renaissance sources beautifully sculpted. The walls of Dubrovnik are the most intact and impressive in the Adriatic and are at the top of the long list of attractions in the city. It is no surprise that UNESCO has named the old town of Dubrovnik as a World Heritage Site.

Originally known as Ragusa, the city began to form in the seventh century, when the residents of the coast took refuge there under the onslaught of the barbarian invasions. The walls were quickly built to protect the new settlement.

During the next four centuries, Ragusa expanded its influence on the coast and became a place increasingly prosperous for trade with other cities of the Mediterranean. In 1205 fell under the control of Venice, but it managed to break this domain in 1358. In the fifteenth century, the Republic of Ragusa was an important rival of Venice. This republic maintained its independence with diplomacy and used its economic power to expand its cultural and political influence.

But there was a great earthquake that destroyed an important part of the city and later appeared other naval powers, and what today is Dubrovnik fell into decline.

In 1806 Napoleon attacked Dubrovnik and found little resistance. The Republic of Ragusa was officially dissolved in 1808. After the fall of Napoleon, Dubrovnik became part of the austro-hungarian Empire in 1815. After the First World War, Dubrovnik became part of Croatia.

Dubrovnik was the subject of bombing by the Serbs during the war of 1991. The old town suffered considerable damage, but was quickly restored to its former beauty thanks to the help of the Croatian Government and UNESCO.

Today, Dubrovnik is a first class resort on the Adriatic. Stretching from the historic center there are a number of beaches in which to enjoy the whole day in the sun. At some distance from the coast, the crystal clear sea is plagued by wooded islands ideal for a day trip. And at dusk, the wide variety of cafes, bars and clubs in the vicinity of the old town offers entertainment for the evening and night.

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