When is hurricane season in the Caribbean?

27 September, 2012 0 Comments

Nadine in the hurricane season

The official hurricane season in the Caribbean Sea area begins each June 1 and ends on November 30 of each year. Between these months we found that August, September and October are the most movement, although it is September which is famous for being the month in which more hurricanes arrive to the coasts. Therefore, if you are traveling to the Caribbean on some of these months, you may have to withstand intensely strong winds, torrential rains and high waves.

Each year, and during this period, the NHC (National Hurricane Center), activates a permanent surveillance to follow the movements of the different tropical cyclones that are formed on the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. When a cyclone is gaining strength and is dangerously close to the mainland, this Center emits warnings to alert the population.

Geographic regions that are more likely to suffer from the scourge of these strong winds are the area of the Gulf of Mexico and the east coast of the US.

Is there any advantage to travel in the Caribbean hurricane season? … Of course, because during this season the prices of travel to the Caribbean are cheaper. If you want to travel to this area and your economic resources are limited, you can take advantage of this opportunity and travel between June and November. But, don’t forget, it is recommended that you put attention to news about the weather during your holiday.

Another possibility is to embark on a Caribbean cruise, as the captain of the boat ordered change course if necessary. Anyway, many of the hotels in the Caribbean are prepared for these adverse circumstances. That if, at the time of booking your trip it is also important that you have the option to cancel without any expense or, at least, which allows you to change their destination before the trip.

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