The Red Square, the heart of Moscow

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Red Square in Moscow

Despite being one of the most famous places in Moscow, the origins of the Red Square are lost in time. It is possible that the construction of this square aspire to more strategic and defensive purposes that the simple fact to provide a place to citizens and merchants, but we cannot be absolutely sure. The only thing we can assure you is that there are references to this place during the thirteenth century, although with the name of “The Trade”.

Shortly after, that square, full of stalls made of wood (which used to be burned to the ground fairly often) was popularly known as “the Fire”. Ivan III was the one who ordered remove these posts of the plaza.

The Red Square in Moscow, whose surface is 695 meters long by 130 wide, it lies at the foot of the Kremlin, whose silhouette has become one of the most famous postcards of Russia, and separates it from the neighborhood of Kitay-gorod. Some of the main streets of the city depart from the square, which is popularly regarded as the heart of Russia.

Curiously, the name of Red Square is a translation based on the word “Krasnaya“, word that in the old Russian language was as meaning “beautiful” and that with the time became in “Prekrasnaya“. Today, “Prekrasnaya” is the word used for “beautiful”, while Krasnaya is used for the red color. In summary, the “Beautiful Square”  has become the Red Square.

Among the monuments that are found in the Red Square, there is the impressive Cathedral of San Basilio, the Museum of History and, of course, Lenin’s mausoleum, a key player in the Russian Revolution. Also other relevant figures in the history of Russia rest here, as Yuri Gagarin, the first man to travel in space. On the other hand, since the end of World War II takes place in the square, each day may 9, a parade commemorating the victory over German troops.

The Red Square became very famous in the world media during the May 28 of the year 1987, when a Cessna airplane, controlled by the daring Mathias Rust, took land in it. After this feat, Rust had to spend 400 days imprisoned and the minister of defense Sergei Sokolov was forced to resign.

Today, more open to the world than ever before, the Red Square has been the scene for musical groups and artists such as Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, the Scorpions. It has even allowed filming some scenes from the Spanish film “The dagger of Rasputin”, filmed in 2010.

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