Landscapes of Tuscany

25 September, 2012 0 Comments

Famous for its landscapes, Tuscany, Italy, is a place where harmony is present; where our worlds and our most intimate dreams become reality under the stillness of cypress trees and green and brown fields.

These are its colors, which always draw a Tuscan landscape in our minds. And along with its cypress trees and its fields, always appear the silhouettes of the nostalgic houses of tillage, the quiet gentlemen who walk around in dusty roads under a hot sun, and ladies in long skirts up to the ankles and white shirts of lace that, umbrella in hand, smiling shyly to meet us. I don’t know why, but Tuscany leads me to another time, in the mid-twentieth century, when life was lived in another way.

By these dirt roads, and under the sun that draws the elongated shadows of the cypresses, we arrived to beautiful villages, to villas and fortified villages with a very particular charm, to castles from another era and small cities of high towers and ramparts immortal, as San Gimigniano or as Lucca. And then we come to places like Pisa or Florence who, despite being monumental cities, also possess the fragrance typical of Tuscany.

In any of the squares of one of these villas, we can sit in a chair tarnished, which rustles under our tired bones while we aspire the characteristic smell of the old things.

Then we will look at the small crystal glass that we have in hand and that is full of the most exquisite Tuscan wine. While we enjoyed the tasty nectar, we will think of greens and browns, nostalgia and tranquility.

The high towers of San Gimigniano smile to us from the distance and talk  to us with the chiming of their bells. And the sound will seem frozen in time, a noise lost in the vestiges of the ancestral rural, of a world where the calm is law.

The arrival of the afternoon will return to draw new shadows, new colors and new sensations. We will give that last drink of Tuscan wine. Then we will put a few coins on the table and the waiter, napkin to the shoulder, will say goodbye to us with a warm smile… Arrivederci!

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