Loro Parque, the animal kingdom in Tenerife

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Logo of the Loro Parque

A trip to Tenerife, one of the Canary islands, has always included a visit to the majestic Mount Teide and the Loro Parque, that this is an unmissable event for all those enjoying a few days on this island. Located in the municipality of Puerto de la Cruz, this peculiar zoo has made himself famous internationally based on a lot of work and a steady growth and well-managed.

The history of the Loro Park began in the year 1972 in a small facilities in which you could enjoy a natural environment, the vision of some types of birds and a few funny shows with the parrots and cockatoos that made the delight of visitors.

Since 1972, this park has grown considerably, and not only on the surface, but also variety of entertainment and shows, in services and, above all, in different species of animals, because if we only talk about birds we can count more than 300 different types. In addition, in its interior operates the Loro Parque Foundation, which struggles daily to protect those families of animals that are in danger of extinction.

But there is much more to see in Loro Parque. Today you can enjoy the visit to the spectacular “Planet Penguin”, where cute penguins enjoy a habitat that is a replica of their real habitat. In fact, the space for the penguins passes 6 months under a dim light thereby reproducing the time that in Antarctica are hibernating, and even there are moments when it snows.

On the other hand is the dolphinarium, which is the largest in Europe and in which you will discover that the dolphins are smart really, and the space dedicated to the friendly sea lions, thanks to which the laughter are insured. We must not forget the “OrcaOcean“, a show of orcas brought directly from the USA, (the monitors who work with them had spent two years in American lands discovering them to fund), which is performed in a specially conditioned enclosure that account with 3,000 seats for spectators.

Orca Ocean in Loro Parque

Orca Ocean

Apart from these shows you’ll love, you can also watch closely gorillas, tigers (including one white) and jaguars, marmosets, a turtle centennial, flamingos, many different types of birds and up to a beautiful place, the Orchid Garden, where you can admire orchids of different sizes, shapes and colors.

And of course the fascinating aquarium, that we must not forget, where you’d walk by a large glass tube while sharks, blankets and other fish pass on your head, until you reach a paradise fish in which you’ll see from sea horses, clown fish until, passing by piranhas and all kinds of tropical fish … Truly a wonderful time!

It is necessary to go a full day at least to put to good use the visit to the Loro Parque. Inside you can find variety of types of restaurants. What do you prefer: pizza or grilled meat?, there is no problem!, you will find just what you want. You can also opt to buy some snacks and sit in one of the picnic areas or locations that exist there. Then, while you rest a while, kids can play in “Kinderland” park, a very special park to play.

Playing in Kindeland

If you’re a passionate of the flora and fauna, you can’t miss the Discovery Tour that, for two hours, will show you the best kept secrets of this park without equal. For adults will be a plus of €9 and for children between 3 and 11 years of €6 (up to two years is free). To reserve your place in this exciting tour you have to send an email to the following address: discoverytour@loroparque.com , or call the phone (34) 922 37 38 41.

Reach out to the Loro Parque is not complicated as it is very well signposted. Now, if you are staying in Puerto de la Cruz, you can reach the same door in one of the small yellow trains that run through the city.. This train, whose service begins at 9:00 and ends at 6:45 PM is free and runs every 20 minutes from the roundabout located in front of the hermitage of San Telmo.

With respect to the time of the park, is open every day from 8:30 to 6:45 PM, although the last entry is at 16:00.

Ticket prices:

– Adults: 33 €.

– Children 6 to 11 years: 22 €.

– Children under 6 years are admitted free.

If you are a resident canary, you pay a smaller amount:

– Adults: 19.50 €.

– Children 6 to 11 years: 13.50 €.

For more information visit their website or call the phone 922 37 38 41.

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