9 interesting things to do in Barcelona

14 September, 2012 0 Comments

Columbus Monument in Barcelona

There is never a dull moment in the city of Barcelona, Catalonia. Monuments, lively squares, curious buildings, attractions of all kinds, bars, entertainment … What more can you ask for? It is more likely that, with so many things to do, you don’t know which one to choose.

Today we will give you 9 recommendations on what you can do in Barcelona. We hope with this offer good ideas of what this city can offer you.

1.- Flamenco dance shows

Barcelona is a city of entertainment. If we opted for the flamenco dancing, the best place in Barcelona to enjoy a flamenco performance is the flamenco tablao El Cordobés, which is located in the Ramblas, 35. In this “tablao” you can also enjoy dinner while you see the show.

2.- Visit the Camp Nou.

The Camp Nou is one of the most impressive football stadiums of the world. If you like football, do not hesitate to visit it.

3.- Visit the Boqueria Market.

The Boqueria Market is an essential place to visit in Barcelona. And not only for their products, but also by its architecture.

4.- Barcelona by helicopter.

Can you imagine a better way to see Barcelona that admire it more than two thousand feet of altitude? With this air tour you will enjoy beautiful views of the Tibidabo, the Agbar Tower or the mountain of Montserrat. Without doubt, an ideal experience for romantic and adventurous.

5.- Explore the city on a motorcycle.

Leaving aside what to go on foot or by underground. Rent a motorcycle and enjoy Barcelona as one of its residents. It is much better than a car to avoid the queues and traffic jams.

6.- Flying over Barcelona in a hot air balloon.

The view from the hot air balloon are unforgettable, both those of the city such as the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees. For this reason, it is an activity appealing to tourists and many travel agencies in the city offer balloon flights.

7.- Canyoning in the Pyrenees.

If you like the risk, you will find that many tourist offices offer packages for excursions to the Pyrenees for practice canyoning.

8.- A chocolate massage.

If you prefer hotels with spa and you expect to relax, make use of the opportunity to give you a relaxing massage with chocolate. It is a true delight of pleasant sensations!

9.- Discover the secrets of the Gothic Quarter.

Explore the Gothic Quarter is one of the best tours that you can do in Barcelona. And it will be even better if you dare to go without maps or guides!

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