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Athens by night

Athens is a very touristic city, so much so that if you plan a visit in summer, between the heat down there and the amount of tourists who flock each year, your stay can become a real madness. I recommend that you plan, if possible, your trip in the spring, or even in autumn, which is a time more fresh in which you can enjoy with more tranquility of your visits by the city.

Our tour today by Athens begins in what all travellers are looking forward to seeing: the Acropolis, beautiful monuments whose beauty and haughtiness rests on a hill overlooking the city.


It is located in the southern part of the city. To get there I recommend you take the metro which will leave you very close to your destination. Once there, you can admire the Parthenon, which is the great symbol of Athens and, by extension, of all Greece. Shortly after this it was built in the same architectural ensemble, the Propilea, the temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion with its famous porch of the caryatids and the Theater of Dionysus, among others.

Do not forget that the Acropolis was nominated as one of the New Seven Wonders of the world.


The old museum is located in the south corner of the Acropolis. On the other hand, you can also visit the new museum, located at the foot of the hill on which stands the Acropolis of Athens. The best vestiges of Greek history are there, and is, without doubt, the most important museum museum of Greece. Inside you can admire the famous caryatids, the original statues, which are there exposed.


It is our next visit and is located adjacent to the Acropolis hill. The Panathenaic way, that crosses the entire campus, you will take all the past of this democratic country leaving each side the best monuments of the Agora. It is here where all is ruled that great Greek Empire and where the foundations were laid for the present democracy.


Let us now in one of the most traditional streets of the city, where you can breathe the true essence of the culture and the Greek traditions: the neighborhood of Monastiraki. It is a beautiful and intricate maze of narrow streets, with typical houses, with some small little bars and restaurants, and typical shops. Byzantine churches and museums complete the tourist offer of this popular neighborhood.

I especially recommend that you walk by here with tranquillity, stopping at each place or store that you find interesting, and for you to put all your attention. Dont forget to try the typical Greek gastronomy in this neighborhood, because without a doubt, Monastiraki along with the Plaka district are the best places to eat the most typical of the city and the country.


It is the next set of streets to the south of Athens. The Plaka district is adjacent to the Monastiraki, and is another of the most popular neighborhoods in the city, also worth visiting for its shops and restaurants. The best thing about this neighborhood, without a doubt, are the wonderful photos that you can take with the Acropolis of depth since this neighborhood is located under the hill of this spectacular monument. Here you will find places that you’ll love save as pictures for the future as souvenirs of your trip to Greece.



After what we’ve seen so far, this visit may be considered less important because this is just a nice place to walk. It is the main garden area of the city that stands out, in one of its sides, the Syntagma Square which by the way in Christmas is transformed into the more bustling of the city.


The North of the city is the most modern part but also the least interesting and nice. My recommendation is that you just visit some of the many museums in the area. One of them is the Byzantine Museum, located in a Florentine mansion, which saves one of the largest collections of Byzantine art more important of the world.

In this area you can also find the National Archaeological Museum, one of the most important museums of Athens and Greece, along with the Acropolis. You can also visit the Museum of Cycladic Art, the largest collection of this style that exists in the world, the Museum of the Theater (there is no more appropriate place in the world that Greece to see a representative sample of the origins of theater) or the National Historical Museum.


The city’s public transport is convenient and effective. I especially recommend the metro, and then the bus. Taxis are a little more expensive than but, however, is much cheaper than in other countries, so don’t hesitate to use it in case of need. The tram on the other hand it is not too effective in comparison to other means of transport. But if you can catch the tram as a tourist attraction, if you are tired and if you want to continue watching the city without having to walk.


Athens is a lively city and, as good mediterranean, its residents love the feast. The districts of Psiri and Miaouli are the most typical to go to pubs and clubs. It is also very typical that the restaurants and bars stay open until very late in the evening.


Time: 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).

Climate: Mediterranean, hot and humid in summer, and mild weather in winter.

Current: 220 AV

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