The 5 most terrifying haunted castles of Scotland

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Glamis Castle

Scotland is a land of castles, and as such, some of them are haunted castles. Mysteries and legends revolve around its walls. Let’s know today five of them, which are known as the most haunted castles in Scotland.

– The Glamis Castle.

Built in the fourteenth century as the residence of the lords of Glamis, this castle is the protagonist of many stories and legends of ghosts. Many stories speak of the Gray Lady Glamis, that supposedly lives in the castle chapel, and also of the White Lady, which is thought to be the spirit of Janet Douglas, widow of the sixth lord of Glamis, who was burned at the stake for witchcraft and for plotting against the death of King Jaime V.

On the other hand we have the story of the monster of Glamis that, in reality, was a real character. It was Thomas Bowes Lyon, born deformed on 21 October 1821, and incarcerated for ever because of his deformity in a secret vault of the castle. Today it is said that only the members of the family known as Glamis end of story.

– Ballindalloch Castle.

The first castle was built in Banffshire, in 1546. There is a story of ghosts in this castle, which speaks to us of the Mrs Green, that walks around the dining room. There are also several sightings of ghosts female, some lover rejected by the lords of the fortress. And to top it off, the ghost of a certain James Grant appears from time to time mounted on a white horse by land near the castle. This is because his body was buried very close to the castle.

– Castle of Dunstaffnage.

This castle is one of the oldest in Scotland, built in the XIII century, thirteen miles north of Oban. It is located in a remote location along the coast, and is surrounded by water on three sides. There is a ghost that is related to this castle, the handmaid of Dunstaffnage. Nobody knows exactly who it was, although it was always appears in the important events of the owners of the castle.

– Duntrune Castle.

Some parts of this castle dating back to 800 years ago. The ghost of this castle is the Piper of Duntrune. Survives a legend that says that a single piper was sent to spy on the owners of the castle by the MacDonald clan but was discovered spying on them, by what he was imprisoned in a tower of the fortress. For this reason, the MacDonald clan decided to attack the castle, but the piper realized that the MacDonald had an army less numerous.

So the prisoner tried to alert them by playing a song. The MacDonald heard the melody and recoiled. The fate of the bagpiper was not so fortunate. The Campbell, owners of the castle, cut off the hands of the young piper. Some of those who have visited the castle they claim that the ghost still lives in the tower and leaves it a ghostly music.

Duntrune Castle

– Muchalls Castle.

In the castle of Muchalls, in Aberdeenshire, lives the ghost of the Green Lady. Apparently there is a tunnel under the castle that leads to the sea. Years ago, a young woman inside by the to go with her lover, who was waiting next to the sea. But the tide came, and both perished inside the tunnel. It is said that many times you can hear crying a lady under the castle, or even you can see appear the two lovers in front of your eyes.

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