Bruges, touring around the city

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Bruges is the most beautiful city that so far I have been able to visit. It is a dream; it is how to live a story from another era; a trip to the past; by a Middle Ages wracked by the nostalgia and the beautiful memories of history that we have been able to know only in books .

Bruges transports us with each smell, with each color, with each flavor. Smell of wet stone; the sepia color of past histories; flavor to medieval tradition. Already the entrance to the city, the most famous of all, it is an idyllic landscape, as its very name: the Lake of Love, the Minniwater, a haven of peace and tranquility before reaching the city hides behind stone walls.

The next point of the tour was the Beginhof, founded in the year 1245 by the Countess of Flanders, intended for rest of the soul. Its deathly silence collides head-on with the joy of the most commercial street of the city, named Sint-Katelijn Straat, where stick together all the tourist shops of Bruges and you can buy the best Belgian chocolate.

Just at the end of the street we can find the church of Our Lady, on the corner with calle Dijvers. Vrouwekerk is the popular, where is the Madonna and Child, attributed to Miguel Angel. This corner, as well as the Dijvers street, is one of the most famous attractions and beautiful photo of the historic center of Bruges since along the street you can see work to painters and sellers of chocolate in front of the channel, while around the walls of stone that is so characteristic of these cities almost medieval. At this point take your camera and starts to take some of the most beautiful pictures of your trip to Belgium.

And so, from that small corner begins the walk along this street, between tilos, between stone bridges which rises on the channel, between flirty emblazoned houses of stone, between canvases that you admire by this strange ability possessed by some artists to shape with their pencils in a single drawing the poetry of the nostalgic dreams, the melancholic and tired air that Bruges possess. You breath the smell in the air, close your eyes and hear the gentle whisper of the mansa water when a boat passes near …

We arrived at the Markt, the heart of Bruges. Its main artery. The center of the city; where are concentrated so many centuries of history. The Tower of the Hallen, built in the year 1248, is the emblem of the city; its stamped most photographed. Covering one of the sides is the Provincial Palace of the nineteenth century, and just on the opposite side of the Tower are found the Flemish houses that were built between the XVI and XVII centuries.

Going through an alley of name Braidelstraat, we arrived at the second most important square of the city, the Burg, where you will find the Palace of Justice and the Town Hall of the fifteenth century, in the gothic style that is also the oldest of all Belgium.

Under the Palace of the Chancellery, in this same plaza, is a vaulted arch that leads us to the Bulletproof Ezelstraat, something as well as Blind Ass street, from which to start a brief tour of typical Flemish streets, cobbled and narrow that we will end in giving back to the street Dijvers.

The famous Green shore or Gronerei accumulates the largest number of typical restaurants of Bruges, where you can taste the famous mussels with french fries while before your eyes appears an unbeatable view of the silhouette of the historic center of the city. It is from this corner of Bruges of where to get the classic picture of Bruges with the channels and the Tower are in the background you can see below.

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