Mont Saint Michel, the sanctuary of the Archangel

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Mont Saint Michel

There is no place more legendary, nor that wakes up more our imagination that Mont Saint Michel. So many are the legends that have born throughout its history! And it is so awesome to see the sea when advancing threatening reaching its walls in a few minutes.

Mont Saint Michel is that mythical place, that place dreamed of by those who seek something more than sun or shopping. The Abbey holds within its walls an inner strength that drags the pilgrims up to its own gates, to venerate their presence, to love it. Has its image such irresistible force that makes it impossible not to feel the need to visit it. And then we were trapped in their elegant silhouette and challenging while the whisper of the sea requires of us a new encounter …

Arriving by car to Mont Saint Michel is something that leaves you indelible traces. Normandy. A beautiful name. The Middle Ages, the Normans, and the Second World War, the beaches of Omaha, Utah or Sword. Stories that are interwoven in a common point. The blue sea on one side; green forests on the other. Colors of Nature drawing art before our eyes. And, dotting the Normandy coast, beautiful villages dominated by a brave sea.

The history of Mont Saint Michel

It is curious to observe the images of the yesterday and today of the Abbey. Only the bridge that joins to earth has changed in more than 100 years. Raised on Mount tomb, as it was called in the fourth century, the construction of the Abbey was the product of a legend, the appearance of the Archangel San Miguel.

It was the year 708, but only a year later, a terrible floods left isolated the Mont Saint Michel, when an unexpected increase in sea level was introduced inland. The city was like a citadel as an impregnable fortress, and those strange phenomena now are repeated in the form of tide twice a day. Seeing them is one of the greatest shows that you can see human eye.

The locals say that such is the speed with which the tide rises and falls which the befuddled water a horse at a gallop. For this reason the bells of the abbey plays when the tide is going to go up

Mont Saint Michel

The Abbey

The abbey is divided into several parts. The Church itself is the one that stands majestically on the top of the hill. On the west, lies the Romanesque abbey, and on the other side, the Mervell, where is the cloister where the benedictines were praying 7 centuries ago. The paths that they go up there are winding paths that reach down to the same access ladder. Observe the multitude of people that climb up the steep slope, either by devotion or for tourism is impressive.

And, as it could not be otherwise, sometimes becomes a tribute to the tourist because you can also find shops where to buy souvenirs.

The Citadel

If the Abbey stands majestically at the top of the mountain, to their feet, recent tracks around it, there is the small medieval town, whose only access is the bridge that connects it to mainland. The small town lives on tourism, and the best thing that we can do is simply strolling along its narrow alleyways; observe their stalls, soak up the traditional flavor, and, as not, to get closer until his famous vantage point to, in the hours, see, once more as the sea appears and disappears.

Practical information of Mont Saint Michel

How to get to Mont Saint Michel:

– By plane: the closest airports are those of Dinard, 70 kms, or Rennes, to 75 kms. If we are going to Paris, from the Charles de Gaulle airport, there is a TGV that will also take you to the latter city, Rennes.

– By train: we have several options.

* Go from Paris to Rennes by TGV and then to Mont Saint Michel by bus.

* Paris Saint Lazare to fall and fall to Pontorson, which is located 9 kms. Then we ought to take the bus that takes us to the citadel.

* Paris Montparnasse to Granville, then to Pontorson in train, and from Pontorson to Saint Michel, in bus.

– By road: We can choose two paths. Or take the A11 that leads us to Laval, then the A81 to Rennes and then the A84 to Saint Michel, or we can go to the north by taking the A13 until fall and then the A84 up to Mont Saint Michel.

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