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London, Big Ben, Eilzabeth Tower

A trip to London is one of those dreams that comes true when you are in front of the magnificent tower of Big Ben. Then you feel like you’re floating, that it seems unreal, because so many times you’ve seen the clock by television that you can’t think what you have in front, that you’re walking around by the elegant streets of the English capital.

The visit to the Tower of the Parliament marks the start of a tour that will take us to Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, the Cathedral of St. Paul, the Westminster Abbey or the historic Tower of London.


My tour begins in the Victoria Station, where you arrive in the city from Gatwick Airport. Directly opposite is Buckingham Palace Road, which will take you to the same Palace of Queen Elizabeth.

Buckingham Palace. This is the official residence of the English monarchy, one of the most historiated and luxurious in Europe. And all the luxury and splendor can be seen from the same square where the Queen Victoria Memorial is, a beautiful monument of white marble with reminders to concepts such as justice or truth. The Buckingham is a stunning palace of 775 rooms, and with 108 meters in length, surrounded by magnificent gardens beautifully decorated.

Trafalgar Square. With a little luck you may have been able to see the famous changing of the guard on horseback in the Palace. When leaving, take on a wide avenue opposite, by which you must go, that leaves a side St. James Park and displays to the fund, the Arc of the Admiralty. After crossing it, you can find with Trafalgar Square, the most popular London square, where it held all the successes of the city of London. In Trafalgar Square you have the well-known Nelson’s Column with the commemorating his victory against the Spaniards.

Trafalgar Square

Piccadilly Circus. Nearby you will find this lively plaza, known for its bright lights and neon which is gateway to the neighborhood of St. James’s. It is a very luxurious area where you will find among others the Hotel Ritz, or Albany Street, one of the most luxurious streets of London and aristocratic. In addition, this area is in Pall Mall, known for its clubs.

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Down Whitehall Street, we reach the English Parliament. It is a beautiful avenue full of life and very elegant. Very close, in a sidestreet closed is the 10 Downing Street, where lives the Prime Minister., and if you look to your left, opposite, on the other side of the Thames, you’ll see the Londoy Eye, the great wheel. In front of you stands, majestic, the tower of Big Ben. In my opinion, it’s more beautiful than on television. With its Victorian Gothic design, the famous clock tower is the symbol of the British Parliament and the city of London.

On the other hand, the Houses of Parliament are headquarters, since the year 1512, of the two cameras, house of Lords and Commons.

The Abbey of Westminster. This religious building is famous throughout the world by the great pomp ceremonies that takes place there. In this Abbey has been crowned all the kings of England, and it is the royal pantheon. It is located right next to the Parliament and the Big Ben.

The left bank of the River Thames. Once you have crossed the bridge of the Parliament, (from where you can make great photos), you arrive at the idyllic left bank of the river. The ride is ideal to accompany it. Trees cover the way in which, if you fancy, you can sit in one of the terraces and drink or eat something quietly. Nearby you can find the stop for the boats that take tours of the Thames, from which you can admire the city (on the other side of the shore) by far. The London Eye (the famous giant ferris wheel) in the first instance, and subsequently, the Royal National Theater, the Tate Gallery or the Hayward Gallery are some of the visits that you can do, before crossing the Millennium Bridge that will return you to the other side.

The Tower of London. Following up the river, about an hour walk along the riverbank, you’ll arrive at the Tower Bridge, and shortly after to the historic and terrifying Tower of London. You will probably be easier to reach it by bus or underground instead of walking, the choice is in your hands. The Tower of London has always been synonymous with terror. Between its walls numerous executions were carried out, and even today circulate the strangest stories of ghosts and legends. In the Tower Bridge of London were executed, among others, Anne Boleyn, Tomas Moro or lady Jane Gray.

– St. Paul. This is one of the largest domes of the world. In fact, with 110 meters of height, is the second largest in the world after St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

These is the most classical and usual that is usually visit on a trip to London. However, don’t forget that the offer for the tourist, this is much more broad, since we cannot forget the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery, Covent Garden, Notting Hill …


Do you imagine having breakfast with coffee or tea, eggs, sausages, bacon roasted beans and some fruit or sweet?… The english pudding, the fish and chips, and the tea at five o’clock, are part of the typical english cooking.

English Breakfast


Pubs, restaurants, amusement parks, the largest Ferris Wheel … In a cosmopolitan city like London there is plenty to choose from to not be bored any day and at any time, but I’d like to highlight something above all else: the musical in London. For lovers of this genre, London is the mecca, the place where everything begins. Great music, Cats or the Phantom of the Opera for example, have been here many years before coming to our country.


I’ll recommend four mainly: a beautiful city, medieval and very well-known especially for its ghosts: Bath, two other cities known worldwide for its universities, Oxford and Cambridge, and finally, the wonderful mystery of Stonehenge.


By plane is not the only way to get London. We can travel from Paris or Brussels through the Channel Tunnel, and even by ferry from Calais, where we can also ship our car.


London is a city so large that there is to know and locate the site in which we want to stay, because the position of our hotel we can save you a lot of time on our tours. It’s very important to study the map of the city and find out the transport that there are close to the selected hotel.


Metro, bus, train, taxi, ferry… London is very well communicated. It’s true that is an expensive transport, but you can get bonds to reduce the prices of the journeys.

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